On recovering from breast cancer

“Contracting breast cancer was an important turning point in my life. It took a life-threatening illness to make me take a good hard look at myself and make changes for healthier living. After cancer, I started to write.

My oncologist Dr Nathan Cherny doesn’t believe that there is any rhyme or reason why one person gets cancer over another. He bases his opinion on research trials. But when I was sick, I believed that I could change my life and prevent something as horrible as cancer ever happening to my body again.

I cleaned out body and soul. I separated myself from all substance abuse. I stopped drinking alcohol and coffee. I detoxed my body, which involved following a very strict diet and an exercise programme of yoga and swimming.

Once my body felt ‘clean’, I yearned for that same feeling in other areas of my life. I moved away from negative energy in others and I put a stop to destructive relationships. Now, I only cleave to nourishment in my work, my food and my friendships.

In everything I do, I try to follow the advice of the Rambam, our famous medieval philosopher, to walk the middle road of balance, the golden mean. It is not always easy. It is a constant challenge not to veer off course. But I am sure of my way as I know it leads to clarity, healing and well-being.”

Reva Mann,
Cheshvan 5768/October 2007

Reva Mann bald

Photo by Shelly Newman

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