Last night listening to Ian McEwen in conversation with Meir Shalev was thrilling since I am such a fan. I admire McEwan’s work so much that I often read one of his sentences and literally have to close the book in total awe, and then when I have recovered from his genius, read the same sentence over again trying to work out how he crafted it. I never can.
And last night he was full of interesting and witty comments, my favourite being that he had intense conversations while over here and mentioned the lack of small talk amongst Israelis. Exactly! When I go abroad I’m always taken aback by the amount of mundane chit chat where Messiah isn’t a household term!
But as much as I enjoyed the dialogue, when asked if he had faith and believed in God, McEwen denied The Almighty’s existence and told the audience he believed in randomness. Poor him and arrogant him. After discussing how he begins a novel and is guided towards his plot and characters, where does he think this all comes from? Additionally, he admitted he was changed by his week in Jerusalem…but if seven days in the holy city didn’t bring him to God Awareness, then how?
I am blessed to see the Hashgasha in everything, all the time. I comfort myself in thinking that maybe that blessing makes up for not being able to write those brilliant McEwan sentences.