A freebie massage!

July 13, 2010

“Would you like a massage?”
Would I? Ohmygod, of course I would with that crick in my neck. But how ethical is it to accept a freebie with so many others in dire need of a dose of TLC.
The lovely young masseuse can’t know that I’m only sitting here in Oncology with a drip in my arm because I feel more comfortable getting my bone-building meds with my doctor’s office up the corridor and the nursing staff greeting me warmly. I’ll flash her my wellness smile and shimmy my healthy head of hair. That should do the trick.
“I’m not sure I’m eligible….”
Flash, flash. Shimmy, shimmy.
She beckons. I follow. I know where we’re going – towards those rooms at the back where the very frail lie in bed receiving chemotherapy. Why is she taking me there? I don’t want to relive that episode of my life. Eight years have gone by and I’ve managed to forget that debilitating treatment, blocked it out of my mind.
The last room, that’s my old room. That basin, the one I vomited into time after time. The bed – my bed near the window where I lay dipping fingers and toes into icy water to prevent my nails falling out! And those sheets printed with the Shaarei Zedek Star-of-David emblem. Oh no! Its all coming back.
But hey! Is that Bach? So relaxing that the patients lying here are practically cooing. Or are those pleasure sighs of having feet massaged and legs caressed.
I sit head forward. No need to lie down for a neck massage. Oh those hands. Paradise.
“Aahhhh! That’s just the spot!”
While my sore muscles melt under the trained fingers of a volunteer Holistic specialist, I question, “What’s happened here?”
Turns out it’s all thanks to the family of late Member of Kenesset, Yuri Shtern, who offer cancer patients the same alternative treatments that benefited their Yuri during his treatment.
Oh no don’t take your hands away! It’s only a temporary glitch to pass me a flyer. Thank God she’s back to kneading my neck…it feels soooooo good.
The Yuri Shtern Holistic Center for Cancer Patients provides treatment for individuals suffering from cancer as well as for their families, at no charge, helping to ease the process and period of the illness.“What a brilliant idea.”
“But it’s only really taken off here, at Shaarei Zedek. Other hospitals felt we were disturbing their routine.”
I know it’s a great department, progressive with doctors making the essential mind/body connection. Otherwise why would I have been offered a delicious slice of home-baked apple strudel upon arrival and a hilarious chit-chat with Bumpsy Mumpsy the clown?
I can feel healing heat flowing through her fingers into my whole being and there’s so much love surging with it. Praise the Lord. I can maneuver my neck to the left.
And to think I was dreading this hospital visit. Thanks to Family Shtern it’s been quite a treat. Imagine how holistic treatments can ease the anxiety of cancer patients and promote their healing. Please, open up your hearts and help facilitate the continuation of this wonderful program. It’ll really make a difference
Donations to the Yuri Shtern Foundation can be made by:
Credit Card
An international credit card may be used. For secure access press here.

Direct Account Transfer
Israel Discount Bank LTD, Bank No. 11
Jerusalem Main Branch, Branch No. 060
Account Name: “The Yuri Shtern Foundation,” Account No. 7092

Send a Check
Make your check payable to “The Yuri Shtern Foundation”
46/1 Shimoni Street
Jerusalem 92623
For a tax-free donation in the United States, a check may be sent to:
The Central Fund of Israel
c/o Marcus Brothers Textiles
980 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10018
Attn: Arthur Marcus
In the memo, please note: “For The Yuri Shtern Foundation”
Please let us know of your donation by writing us at info@yurishtern.org.il.
Thank You!


2 Responses to “A freebie massage!”

  1. Dear Ms. Mann
    I am reading your book on Kindle (Rabbi’s daughter). I cannot put it down.

    I have had somewhat similar experiences to you…having gone to a yeshiva, and being descended from a notable chassidic family.

    I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to you for writing on paper what is written on the hearts of many of us. Too often we experience that almost-impossible-to-bear conflict between the heritage that we carry and the soul that we must live with. You have brought that conflict right into the open, and made it easy to bear the burden.

    My children are black hat. My father was an intellectual, more-or-less frum (aufegklaert), my zeide was an admor. You have the scene.

    Respectfully, and with great thanks.

    Wishing you a healthy, peace-filled, love-filled, and perhaps prosperous year.

    Howard Moskowitz

    PS…truly..your book is hard to put down. You are a sui generis, yet talk to many of us in the language of the heart

  2. Reva Mann said

    Thank you for your feedback
    an admor…..!
    i so get the scene
    god bless

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