Chabad in Mumbai

November 29, 2008

I’ve traveled in Europe and in Asia with my children and we have  enjoyed the hospitality and the Shabbes atmosphere in Chabad Houses so much that I chose to end my memoir at a Chabad House in Rishikesh. I am devastated at the tragic news from Mumbai.  The emissaries from Chabad are devoted Jews who sacrifice so much in bringing Torah and Kedusha to traveling Jews, making them feel at home in foreign lands.  Baruch Dayan Emet.



4 Responses to “Chabad in Mumbai”

  1. Heather said

    Hi Reva,
    What a book you have written. I couldn’t put it down. I just finished it and it was such an interesting, emotional and thrilling read. I am not Jewish, but reading about what it’s like growing up in a stick Jewish home was very fascinating and you’ve taught me so much through your sharing.
    Reading about your sister Michelle was heartbreaking and yet I am so pleased you took the step to begin visiting her once a year. That is awesome and I’m sure in her own little way she appreciates having you steadily back in her life.
    I hope you will consider writing another book. You write with such description I feel like I’m there along side you as you go through all that you have.
    Have a wonderfully blessed night.

  2. Tracy Woffenden said

    Just read your book in two days. Loved it! V. close to home. I’m a Jewish married woman with 2 sons living in Gloucester Place. One son is currently being tutored in barmitzvah by a Rabbi from Marble Arch synagogue. Small world! Unlike you, religion has not played a part in my life, but adventure has. My husband and I are travellers. and sailors, crossing the Atlantic together just before we had our 2 sons who are now 12 & 13. I feel very close to you. Funny eh? We are renting here for a year, lived in town before, but recently living in Totteridge. You and your kids are very welcome to visit when you come to London. Shalom Tracy X

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