My parents always wanted me to attend a UJIA meeting.  I mean, all the young people in our synagogue belonged. They got together to raise money for Israel and had fun at the same time.  I was never interested in joining one of these groups – my extra curricular activities were more of the self-destructive kind. 

So you can imagine how surprised I was to have been invited by the UJIA to be their guest speaker in three cities in the UK last week. I felt as if I was finally where I was supposed to be, finally in the right milieu, even if it was so many years down the line!

I was impressed by the ladies I met, by their devotion, generosity and love of Israel, and by the staff who worked hard to arrange events (special thanks to Chen Shilat) and Zak Gazit, who accompanied me up north, a sweetheart who left a comfortable life in Israel to work for the charity.

I enjoyed speaking to the UJIA audiences who gave me such a warm reception, I  wonder why it took me so long….