In Answer To The Press….

January 13, 2008

I could never have imagined that there would be so many different comments to my book. They have ranged from calling me Rebbetzin and saying my book is so holy it will surely bring Messiah, to calling my memoir ‘soft porn.’ Many have congratulated me on my honesty and written me letters telling me how they identify and how I have given them strength in their own lives. Others condemn me for letting the cat out of the bag, sensationalizing Judaism, being narcissistic and only after making money.

First of all, I would like to say that I wrote my memoir with love and respect for my parents, for my family and for the Torah. I sympathize with Anglo Jewry who knew my parents and heard of my mother’s unfortuate death in the press, even though I believe anyone really close to her would not have been surprised by this. My memoir is an honest look at the ultra-orthodox world, at Anglo Jewry and the real problelms that exist in many families. Exposing the truth can sometimes be painful. I am well aware that I have pushed many uncomfortable buttons – but in the final analysis of the variety of reactions I have received, my conclusion is that positive poeple see the positive, the moving story, the love of Torah and the importance of sharing the depths of my self-destruction in order to help others. Negative people easily catch onto details and blow them out of proportion in order to feed their own fears of facing the truth head on.

I have a wonderful relationship with my children. They have witnessed the changes that I have undergone. They are proud of me that I don’t indulge in any self-destructive behaviour anymore. When they are older and will read the book, I have no doubt that their feelings will only be strengthened after realizing the extent of the demons I had to battle with.

Parents only want wholeness for their children. I believe if my parents were looking down from heaven, they would be delighted that after 45 years of struggle, I have found myself and my path. To those who consider I have betrayed my family, you are mistaken. I have left them a legacy of truth and honesty. I have shown them the way to strength and overcoming diffiuclties, traits that will surely help them far more in their own lives than sweeping inconvenient truths under the carpet.