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Rabbis Daughter Cover Dial Press USA “I want to reach out to you in my memoir, The Rabbi’s Daughter, with a message of hope … I know what it’s like to face trauma – it’s a long haul to health, but I’m on the way.”
Reva Mann,
Cheshvan 5768/October 2007

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Rabbis Daughter Cover Hodder UK


The mantra of sex ‘n drugs ‘n rock ‘n roll might have been coined for Reva Mann … the book at times makes one gasp aloud. She has done a service by opening a window on the strictly Orthodox world.
The Jewish Chronicle

Sometimes shocking, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes very funny, Reva Mann’s story is a fascinating glimpse into a hidden world. Elle

Gripping, harrowing and devastatingly honest. Naomi Alderman

A memoir that reads like a fast paced and sometimes steamy novel. Mann is a flat out, no-holes-barred spiritual pilgrim who lives her journey with an almost unbearable intensity. Not for the faint at heart, this novel is at times graphic and emotionally wrenching, but at its core, brutally honest… well worth the wait. Viewpoint, The Editors Bookshelf

A full-bodied autobiography with no-holds-barred recollections…
Jewish Journal Dade County

An incredible journey of rediscovery.
This Morning, ITV

A gripping tale of a woman searching in all the wrong places … the book is hard to put down— it’s so personal and raw. The Sunday Times Magazine

Mann’s clever, fast-paced memoir offers an intimate glimpse of Orthodox Judaism and aptly demonstrates the human yearning for redemption…
Publishers Weekly

Brutally honest, beautifully written… the compulsive story of a woman trying to find love, and struggling to make peace with her faith, her parents, and ultimately herself.
Ethnic Now

… Reva’s gripping memoir of her long journey to find herself. This first-time author has written a compelling book about her own experiences, and … insight into the closed world of Orthodox Judaism….Her story is fascinating and harrowing in equal measure…
The Daily Express

Reva Mann reveals how she rejected the respectability of her London parents for years of wild partying and how she has won her battle with addiction.
Evening Standard

The book… shakes you up.
Haaretz Magazine

There is more to this book than gratuitous sex…there are moments of profound insights….Reva’s considerable talent with the English language and profound insights into Judaism are in evidence throughout the book.
Manchester Telegraph

Reva’s journey is brought to life in stunning detail, and her personal struggles, although sometimes shocking, are frank and compelling.
The Green Ribbon aStore

Mann tells her story with genuine humor and self-deprecating wit, winning the sympathy of even disapproving readers. Mann’s coming-of-age story speaks directly to young people struggling with questions of family, faith and identity…
Booklist USA

*Hodder & Stoughton edition, published August 2007.
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